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Thursday, 24 December 2009

The bug horde approaches

So it's Christmas eve. HORRRAY! and gamers all over the world are buckling down for a day of modelling and converting. Well after the stuffing that is. Anyway this means it's less than a month till the release of the bug horde, Tyranids. As a possible and hopeful nid collector I would like to put some thoughts down based on rumours.

First is the man rumour, Loss of immune to instant death.
While at 1st glance this seems to be a massive pain to warriors and all multi wound creatures. However as a whole this doesn't seem to be as dire as people seem to think. After all most creatures have had their points limits lowered, adding in that all creatures not immune to instant death aren't monstrous creatures means cheap gaunt screens will have a use. This I think will be a purpose for me to add just one Tervigon to my list. 3d6 gaunts a turn, Ty very much. Plus its very cool catalyst, (feel no pain for nearby units) and some other cool psycic powers make this monster a useful thing.

While some creatures (pyrovores) seem weak we cant really know till dex day comes, however I do know that a Drop Pod of warrior troops and some Hive guard will defanitally be seen in tournaments, However I feel the warriors will drop along side some venomthropes for the nice cover save the turn after the drop.

Anyway these are just a few of my opinions. Not that you asked me for them :) well what do you guys think. Leave some comments in the section below if any of you have them.

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