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Thursday, 24 December 2009

The bug horde approaches

So it's Christmas eve. HORRRAY! and gamers all over the world are buckling down for a day of modelling and converting. Well after the stuffing that is. Anyway this means it's less than a month till the release of the bug horde, Tyranids. As a possible and hopeful nid collector I would like to put some thoughts down based on rumours.

First is the man rumour, Loss of immune to instant death.
While at 1st glance this seems to be a massive pain to warriors and all multi wound creatures. However as a whole this doesn't seem to be as dire as people seem to think. After all most creatures have had their points limits lowered, adding in that all creatures not immune to instant death aren't monstrous creatures means cheap gaunt screens will have a use. This I think will be a purpose for me to add just one Tervigon to my list. 3d6 gaunts a turn, Ty very much. Plus its very cool catalyst, (feel no pain for nearby units) and some other cool psycic powers make this monster a useful thing.

While some creatures (pyrovores) seem weak we cant really know till dex day comes, however I do know that a Drop Pod of warrior troops and some Hive guard will defanitally be seen in tournaments, However I feel the warriors will drop along side some venomthropes for the nice cover save the turn after the drop.

Anyway these are just a few of my opinions. Not that you asked me for them :) well what do you guys think. Leave some comments in the section below if any of you have them.

Tourny List

Right guys with a tourny in feb I keep talking about, I have my list somewhat sorted.

It starts of with:
-Mage, level 2, The Seerstaff of Saphery- coming up at 165 points
-14 spearmen with banner bearer- 136 points
-2 bolt throwers- 200 points.

Now this is a 650 point tournament and so I have 149 points to play with. My Partner is a Empire player running a list like,

Warrior priest, Sword of might, casket of spell stealingmajig (not real name) mounted on barded steed.
5 knights with full command. and banner of magic resistance me thinks.
Swords man with 2 detachments of those 5 point dudes :P
and either a hellblaster or hellstorm

What I want to know is what improvements can with both make before we buy it all, He has the priest and like nothing else whereas I have all but the spearmen but some extras like archers to paint up. Our restrictions are normal force org with only one special or rare, but HE get their +1 to each. I think the plan is to have my spearmen and his swords men advance taking TQ excreta while our war machines slaughter mass. Now its a regional doubles thing happening at WhW (warhammer world) and we would probably expect to see lots of skaven, deamons, VC, and DE. So, I ask, what should we do to stay competitive? and any changes as well as my last points? would apreciate it very much as im really stuck. was thinking of second mage or a hero. maybe some special choice as im allowed just we ain't to magic domination yet, unless this is enough. Anyway leave any comments below :P

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Modelling Christmas

Just want to wish any, and all readers a very merry Christmas and hope lots of modelling over Christmas. Will have a HE army list and tactics posted soon for help with upcoming tournament.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Some nice terrain

Got a nice hit from a guy called Crae on Anyway its some nice cheap terrain for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k it seems, however, it can be used for most model systems. Nice detailing, especially for the price.
Heres the link: Note this is the link to the 40k section so do use tabs on left side for different terrain.
To any US readers this is an EU site so ordering fees can be costly and somwhat time consuming to get to US, luckily they have som US stockists.